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Doc Walk Episode 4: The Healing Power of Listening with Dr. Paul Charlton

I’m excited to bring you another heartwarming episode of the "Doc Walk Podcast." This week, I had the immense pleasure of chatting with Dr. Paul Charlton, a chiropractor who truly embodies the essence of heart-centered care. Having known Dr Paul for about a decade, I can personally attest to his unwavering dedication and genuine care for his patients.

Dr. Paul’s philosophy centers around the power of listening. In our discussion, he shares his belief in making patients feel heard and understood, which is a cornerstone of his approach to chiropractic care. It's not just about the treatment; it's about connecting with each individual, understanding their unique needs, and focusing on what's not working to tailor the right solutions.

A crucial clinical pearl from Dr. Paul is the emphasis on experiences over words. He utilizes kinesiology as a tool to understand

the body's needs, guiding his treatment and care decisions. This hands-on approach allows him to tune into the subtle signals of the body, providing insights that go beyond what words can convey.

One of Dr. Paul's favorite strategies for improving health is integrating Reishi-infused coffee into his practice. The impact on his patients' health has been remarkable, and it's not just about the health benefits. This coffee has become a standout product in his practice, enhancing patient experience and contributing significantly to his business's profit. It's a perfect blend of health and indulgence.

The three profit centers of Dr. Paul's practice – chiropractic services, ancillary services like massage therapy and nutrition, and the unique addition of Reishi coffee – illustrate his holistic approach to wellness. His strategy goes beyond traditional care; it's about creating an overall positive experience for his patients.

Dr. Paul's success lies in his authenticity and his commitment to doing more than what's expected. This approach has led to a thriving practice, powered by referrals and exceptional care. His advice to both students and seasoned practitioners about adding innovative offerings like a coffee station highlights his forward-thinking mindset.

Our conversation is not just about chiropractic care; it's a deep dive into making healthier life choices and opening up to the possibilities life offers. From witnessing remarkable patient transformations to prioritizing environmentally friendly practices, Dr. Paul's story is a testament to the impact of holistic care and the power of small changes.

Thank you for joining us on this inspiring journey with Dr. Paul Charlton. Remember, health is not just a condition; it's a choice fueled by love, listening, and the willingness to offer better options.

Stay tuned for more episodes that connect mind, body, and spirit in the quest for holistic wellness.

Warmly, Dr. Bob

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