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Best Selling Author David Perlmutter, MD, once described Functional Medicine as the opposite of dysfunctional medicine. Dysfunctional medicine may be described as medicine that makes the problem worse even though the patient may feel better temporarily. 


Many, if not most of our patients are looking for natural and lifestyle solutions to their health challenges. And, we have had great successes with patients ranging from the critically ill to the elite.  

Dr. Rakowski and Dr. Tanae are both excellent Chiropractors. I have seen both of them and received very good in depth adjustments from each. I have seen Chiropractors the majority of my life and I’m very picky!  They are both very thorough in their adjustments and they both have very friendly personalities. I even felt comfortable enough to let them adjust my 15 year old daughter and 6 year old son. I would definitely recommend both of them!

Mindy H

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