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Biological Terrain Assessment (BTA) is a computerized analysis of blood, urine and saliva specimens used to recommend nutritional programs, vitamin and mineral supplements, homoeopathic products, and/or herbs. Biological Terrain practitioners clinically monitor the entire internal biochemical environment of the body.


  • Level of acidity of cells

  • Level of compensating alkalinity of blood/saliva

  • Thickness of blood

  • Kidney’s ability to excrete excess acid

  • Haemoglobin’s oxygen release tendency

  • Energy generation of cells

  • Level of lymphatic congestion

  • Antioxidant status

  • Digestive enzyme status

  • Level of mineral deficiency

  • Kidney’s ability to hold electrons

  • Electron content of blood and saliva

Image by Anthony Cantin

When the fish is sick, change the water...

Most people want better health and vitality. Unfortunately, most doctors are trained to diagnose diseases and prescribe remedies to reduce symptoms. Most of these remedies do not improve health and may even make you worse. What if you could deeper insight into your health, wellness and overall resilience? The great news is that these insights are available from trained professionals.


At the Natural Medicine Center, we evaluate and quantify factors that influence the health and function of every cell in your body. We compare your values to known optimal values and then customize programs to help you to achieve your goals FAST! We have experience and successes with patients ranging from Elite Athletes and Celebrities to the chronically unwell. 

Biological terrain evaluates blood, saliva and urine and provides valuable clues about your

  • Stress Resilience (both acute and chronic)

  • Acid-Alkaline Balance

  • Detoxification status

  • Blood Sugar Handling

  • Inflammatory burden

  • Oxygen and Energy Efficiency

  • Metabolism

  • Digestion and Nutrient Status

Dr. Rakowski and Dr. Tanae are both excellent Chiropractors. I have seen both of them and received very good in depth adjustments from each. I have seen Chiropractors the majority of my life and I’m very picky!  They are both very thorough in their adjustments and they both have very friendly personalities. I even felt comfortable enough to let them adjust my 15 year old daughter and 6 year old son. I would definitely recommend both of them!

Mindy H

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