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Doc Walk Episode 3: Unraveling Quantum Wisdom with Gabe Roberts

This week, I had the profound pleasure of sitting down with Gabe Roberts, author of "From Pain to Purpose." Gabe’s insights into using quantum wisdom for healing PTSD are not just thought-provoking; they're potentially life-changing.

Dr Gabe takes us on a journey that begins at the very inception of our universe – the great singularity. He describes a time before the big bang, where all mass and energy of the universe were condensed into an entity the size of a golf ball. This compelling imagery sets the stage for his central thesis: everything in the universe is interconnected.

Since everything originated from a singular point and exploded outwards during the big bang, the

interconnectedness within this energy field is undeniable. Gabe raises a pivotal question: How can we tap into this interconnected energy field to benefit our lives?

A significant part of the answer lies in clearing our mental and emotional 'cobwebs' to make space for new growth and healing. Gabe shares an intriguing perspective from the book 'The Science of Getting Rich,' explaining the natural right to abundance as an expression of life, akin to a seed sprouting.

Our conversation then shifts to the profound quote: “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional,” highlighting the importance of embracing change, even when uncomfortable, to avoid the stagnation and suffering of the comfort zone.

Gabe’s own journey of self-discovery and healing played a crucial role in his professional success. He realized the discrepancy between the results he achieved with others and those within his personal life, leading him to a deep self-exploration and the eventual creation of his book.

This episode with Dr Gabe Roberts is not just a podcast; it's a gateway to a new understanding of the universe and our place within it. Tune in and join us on this journey of discovery and healing.

Until next time, keep walking your path with curiosity and openness.

Dr. Bob

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