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Dr Bob Rakowski

Natural Medicine Center Houston/TX

Over 30 years of experience and dedication is what you will find at our clinic. We assess various health conditions by focusing on the cellular level which is the foundation for a healthy body

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Natural Medicine to improve the quality of life in your home

The Natural Medicine Center of Dr Bob Rakowski, DC is your local hub of all things natural medicine. We at The Natural Medicine Center can assist in assessing your various health conditions by focusing on the cellular level which is the foundation for a healthy body. Once we have identified those unique health challenges, we recommend implementing a customized program geared specifically to your health and wellness. 

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 We also provide consultations via the phone or online for those who are unable to visit our clinic. Please describe your situation with our friendly and knowledgeable staff person who will recommend the best method to assess your health concerns.

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About Dr Bob

Post Graduate Instructor: Dr Bob has taught over 10,000 seminars to natural and medical practitioners around the world. He is known for his in-depth understanding of physiology and biochemistry as well as for creating programs that are both safe and effective.
"I have 33+ years of experience helping 1000’s of patients to achieve their health goals.  
No doctor can EVER guarantee success with any patient (and neither can I). But I do guarantee that I will give you my best. And, this has been very effective for many!"

What can our Natural Medicine Center help you with? 

Chiropractic &
Kinesiology Care
Biologic Terrain
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On this visit, you will have the chance to explore articles, products and health facts -- specifically targeted by me, for your wellness needs and interests.
Also, you have the opportunity to self-register on this site to receive my communications. If this is your first visit, please visit our New Patient Paperwork page to save yourself time when you come to our office. 
The growing need for natural medicine is obvious. With conventional medicine, costs have sky-rocketed, while our health and wellbeing has declined. Stay ahead of the game and be proactive about your health with our natural medicine services. 

Doctor Certifications

DC - Doctor of Chiro
CCN - Certified Clinical Nutritionist
DACBN - Diplomatic American Board of Clinical Nutrition
DIBAK - Diplomate International Board of Applied Kinesiology

Dr. Rakowski and Dr. Tanae are both excellent Chiropractors. I have seen both of them and received very good in depth adjustments from each. I have seen Chiropractors the majority of my life and I’m very picky!  They are both very thorough in their adjustments and they both have very friendly personalities. I even felt comfortable enough to let them adjust my 15 year old daughter and 6 year old son. I would definitely recommend both of them!

Mindy H

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